Miracle – Being alive after physical death

“They (martyrs) are alive in the presence of their Lord, being provided for” [3:169]


It is believed that Auliya Allah (Saints) are alive in their Mazars (Grave), following incident is the proof of this belief.

In the year of 694 Hijri,one day Baba was preaching a king of Rayal dynasty on how waliallah (Saints) live even after one’s death and advocated, person who hardened the body by subjecting to intense religious zeal attains unity with Almighty and the body won’t decay and will be alive till and after Qayamat (Doomsday).

To bring clarity, Baba quoted an example, which is as follows:-

Two pots made of clay, one just dried in sun and the other brunt in a furnace, buried after digging two separate pits in the mud. After few days, when both the pits opened, the burnt pot has well in tact its form and shape whereas the pot that was dried but not burnt,has lost its form and turned into clay.

Likewise, when a human burns himself by truthfully following Allah and His prophet Mohammed Rasoolallah’s (Peace be upon Him) preaching he/she be alive even in the grave and the body won’t get touched by mud or any insects.

As the king was still doubtful, Baba stated that, the king can check for himself, by opening Baba’s grave, for body being untouched by the mud even after 40 years of Baba leaving the world. For this king replied that, he is already old and may die even before 40 years. Baba smiled and offered His 40 years of life to the king to verify after 40 years by opening the burial. Baba also said if he couldn’t wait for 40 years,he could open after 40 days of his burial.

On Thursday 12 th day of Jamada Al Akhir 694 Hijri’ (1295 C.E),as foretold Syedul Aarifien Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) passes away from this world after 40 days from this incident at the age of 130 years.

On the 40 th day from Baba’s demise, king and others dig the burial place of Baba and observed that the body is fresh with a smile on the face.

The king got convinced. However, to substantiate, after 40 years they did it again and found that the Baba’s body is still fresh and with full of flowers !!!! Masha Allah!

As commanded by Baba, three flowers were taken which were on His chest.

Raising a Dead Bull 

Hazrat Khwaja Baba Fakhruddin’s (RA) popularity grew and people from all the religion and caste attracted to the sayings. Baba taught that all humans are equal before Allah and are created alike, vengeful priest Jangamayya who considered himself above others , hatched a conspiracy to torment Baba and Qalandars physically as his evil magic was not working on them and ordered that no one from Penukonda can offer food to Baba and other qalandars and planted guards restricting faqirs movement into village from aasthana.

Three days passed and Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin (RA) was deeply engrossed in muraqiba and was mast in remembrance of Almighty. (Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin (RA) had spent several years in muraqiba standing on one leg and several similar mujahidas en route to Trichy from Iran). When Sarkar came out of muraqiba and saw the qalandars in pangs of hunger, to satisfy their hunger He asked them to butcher the bull and eat the meat after keeping its head, legs and hide aside.

Jangamayya was informed of the situation by the guards that the bull which they revere is being eaten away by the Faqirs, enraged he complained to the king and came to aasthana with army and began reproaching Baba and qalandars for their act. Sarkar Baba Fakhruddin replied patiently to him that they were forced to do this as food was restricted from three days.F aqirs,who were in pangs of hunger had to kill the bull to save their lives, after all human life is more precious than animal’s.

The egoistic priest warned that the bull shall be returned to him else all of the faqirs would be butchered like the bull, which they just ate. Jangamayya, actually wanted faqirs to be eliminate and with this evil intent, he demanded that the same bull be returned. Sarkar said that he will get two bulls to compensate his loss or if he wants more he’ll get four bulls but the priest wanted just the impossible.

Sarkar Baba Fakhruddin (RA) asked a faqir to bring the head, legs and hide of that bull and recited verse of Holy Quran “Qumbi Iznillah” and touched the bull’s remains by his staff (Asa Mubarak – which is preserved till date and placed in Darbaar of Sarkar Baba Fakhruddin) and immediately the bull came back to life.

On seeing this, humiliated Jangamayya, ordered soldiers to kill all the faqirs, when they came forward to attack, suddenly there was a dust storm and faqirs praised Allah by chanting “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Great), unable to see in dust storm, soldiers mistook this as an attack by faqir and started violently striking swords to counter the attack resulting in killing themselves.


Saving the Sinking ship in Sea

Among the mureeds (Sufi disciples) of Hazrat Nathar Auliya, there was a Roman trader who was on a business trip to Ethiopian city of Harmaz along with his family. During the trip, he purchased valuable diamonds, pearls and 24 horses of finest breeds in the city and continued his journey sailing on board with his family and valuable possessions. One day during his voyage, the ship in which he was sailing due to whirlwind and hurricane started sinking and during this time Mureed invoked Baba Nathat Auliya’s help.

On hearing mureeds (Sufi disciple) prayer, Hazrath Nathar Auliya immediately signalled Hazrath Baba Fakhruddin who was seated in his master’s divine company to rescue the trader. Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) immediately bowed and stretched his hand to pull the ship with his spiritual power. On noticing that Baba being in Sajda (an act of bowing), other Murids asked Nathar Vali the reason behind this and Nathar Vali explained that Baba’s spirit has left the body and is rescuing the trader in deep sea. To confirm he asked his other Murids to touch Baba sleeves. Hazrath Shams Goya and other Qalandars examined and found that Baba sleeves indeed are wet and when tasted the water it was salty seawater.

After a short while when Baba rose back from sajda, other qalandars enquired and Baba replied that he went to discharge the order given by Nathar Vali (R.A). Later all praised that only secrets of Waliallahs (Friends of Allah) are known to Waliallahs, their heart is the throne of Allah and saving the people who seek help from them is not a big task for them.

The trader who was rescued by Baba continued his trade in different places for 10 months before he met his murshid (Sufi Master) Hazrath Nathar Vali (R.A) to fulfill his promise of offering which he planned to offer on the day he was saved. Nathar Vali told the trader that it was Hazrath Baba Fakhruddin, the Khalifa (Caliph) of the trader who saved him from peril. On learning this, the trader bowed to Baba and offered the gifts to Baba. Baba questioned the trader with a smile, “wasn’t the promise of offering the half share to Murshid was made in his mind while the ship was sinking”. For this the trader acknowledged in affirmation and submitted that he has brought equal half here. However, Baba enquired about the horse of Turkey breed which he purchased during his trip

Trader humbly submitted that the horse went missing on the way and he is offering other horse instead from his share. Baba said he will not accept things which don’t belong to him and said that the horse is grazing in one particular place. Knowing that the horse is traceable, immediately trader asks his companions to bring the horse, which as narrated by Baba was found in the same place. Then the trader offered the lost and found horse as well as the other valuables to Baba.

On trader offered his half of the share, Baba informed the trader that he has left kingdom and worldly possessions for the sake of Allah and asked the trader to distribute the offerings among poor.


Miracles of Miswaak Tree

Burhanul Aashiqeen Hazrat Syedna Khwaja Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) and Miswak Tree (Mustard tree) shedding Sugar
After Hazrat Nathar Vali (R.A) bestowed Khilafat to Sarkar Baba Fakhruddin (R.A),Baba was commanded to propagate Islam and was given Miswak Twig asking him to plant the twig in earth where ever he halts in night and if the Miswak sprouts in the morning that is his destination.

As per his Murshid’s command Qalandar –e-Barhaq Sarkar Baba Fakhruddin planted the twig where ever he stationed and one evening he reached an unknown place and it was pitch-dark, Baba along with his disciples and followers decided to camp there and as commanded earlier Baba planted the twig and in the morning he noticed sprouting in the twig, the name of place is Penukonda.



Pilu ka ped surviving from 800 Yrs in Dargah hall and Branches emerging out from Dargah Roof


Twig planted by Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin (R.A) is a big tree today and has survived around 900 years and is in dargah premises. This Pilu ka Jhaad (Arak Tree) used to shed loads of Sugar from past 720 years, as per the legends it had miraculous healing power which could cure the rarest of the rare diseases.

Due to the reasons best known to the Saints of this Dargah in recent past the sugar shed gradually declined and now this tree has stopped shedding sugar as it used to and we can hardly find few granules.