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  2. Assalam o Aalaikum, Taj baba sarkaar, aap se dastbasta adaban guzaarish karta hoon ke Hazrath Baba Fakruddin sarkaar ki mazaare shareef ke ehate mein aur bhi bahuth saare buzurgon ke mazaaraath hain, lekin un mazaar wale buzurgon ke naam ya un ke naam ki takhti kaheen nazar naheen aati. Is se hazireen ko pareshani hoti hai. Barahe karam is masale ka koi hal hojaaye to badi meharbani hogi. Gustaakhi hui ho to muaafi chahta hoon.

  3. Assalamu waleikum.
    Baba is problem solver for the helpless and ill peoples.
    I visited two times and prayed baba to cure my illness and give me strength.
    Now feeling better. I will visit more now onwards.
    Baba raham karo.

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